Philadelphia book restorer turns over leaves both new and old

September 13, 2013 – 09:43
Antique/Rare Book Restoration | Leonard s Books

There, Morris - now 42 and the mother of two - became interested in letterpress, but the tedium of laying out "all those little lead pieces of type" didn't agree with her. Then she learned about the digital possibilities of polymer plates, a process that freed her from the little letters.

Polymer plates can be designed on a computer with any font, size, or distortion; the letters are the same height as movable type. Once the plate has been created, 19th-century equipment can take over to press it into paper.

"This kind of work is really creative, and it gives you that beautiful letterpress bite, " Morris said.

Though she does invitations, cards, and other custom projects, for her the digital techniques are mostly in the service of books, which remain her specialty: fine-art books, photography portfolios, dissertations, and restoration.

She currently is working on an old family Bible whose family-record pages (noting births, marriages, and the like) had been filled over the years. She scanned a page, reprinted it, took the Bible apart, inserted new pages, and put the volume back together again for future generations.

She explained her previous decades-long resistance to using other media.

"When I studied bookbinding, it was a very traditional conservation. It wasn't book arts - the printer and the bookbinder were completely separate. It does make sense now to bring the two together, " she said.

On a breezy summer day, her studio at 44th and Pine Streets is pleasant, though Morris resists air-conditioning on principle; instead, built-in window shutters cut the sun's glare, and the chirping of birds outside gives the place the atmosphere of a tree house. Old Bibles share shelf space with Krishna art and D.H. Lawrence's Pornography and Obscenity.

A large artist's flat file cabinet with wide horizontal drawers labeled "Italy, " "Nepal, " and "India" holds a superb array of beautiful papers - fair-trade certified and sustainable - intended for inside book flaps, the interiors of clamshell boxes, or whatever else a client might request. The Nepalese papers are custom made in colors and patterns of Morris' choosing.


Philadelphia Museum Of Art Delft Ceramics at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
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