Antique Leather Books

September 13, 2013 – 09:43
Old Children s Books | Over 10, Rare and Out-of-print

Juniper Books assembles collections of antique leather books exactly to the specifications of each client, home and library.

Our antique leather books were generally published between 1800-1920. The most classical of library styles, antique leather books have a unique and beautiful appearance.

Juniper Books sells small antique leather books, oversize antique leather books, brown leather, books, red leather books, black leather books, green leather books, blue leather books, you get the idea . . . We can handpick collections of leather books in all sizes, colors and subjects.

The most common and popular colors of leather books are warm and rich reds and browns. Black, greens and blues are also available. The most popular content for our antique leather books are English language literary classics and histories, however many clients order antique leather books solely for their decorative appearance and we are happy to help clients with any project involving these beautiful leather bound books.

Antique leather books may be ordered by the foot without any additional parameters at the most economical price and fastest turnaround. Additional requirements such as size, color, language and subject matter may also be specified and we can work with clients to select the appropriate mix of books within a budget. We can also mix leather books with other styles and appropriately select nicer books for more visible shelf locations.

Antique books with leather covers are available in reds, browns, burgundy, black, blues and greens.

Condition requirements may be specified, books may have wear typical of antique books.

Language requests may be specified. Most of the books we sell are in English, but we often have lower priced books in other languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian and other languages.

Subjects available include literature, history, philosophy, science, law, reference, travel & exploration and the arts.

Handpicked book collections available by subject, author, and other requests.

We have several clients for whom we have designed a customized leather-book-of-the-month-club – we say this tongue in cheek as the BOMC was never known for the quality and personalization of what we do! For these clients, we agree on a set budget, quantity of books, shipping interval and desired subject/authors – then we surprise them with regular shipments of books for them to unpack and place in their library. Please feel free to contact us if you would like assistance in this way to build your library / book collection over time.

We take excellent care of our antique leather book inventory and always clean all bindings and apply leather conditioner to them prior to shipping in order to protect the beauty and extend the life of the books. We are also available to perform on-site maintenance of leather bindings including minor repairs and periodic application of leather preservation materials, please contact us for a quote.

To inquire about this style of books, please feel free to e-mail us through the form below.


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