To blog or not to blog? Where do we go from here?

March 20, 2013 – 00:24

In recent years,with much travail,we have managed to build a rather eclectic,but surprisingly successful,website. However,with our retail business now,very sadly,closed (of which much more anon,once the Toronto smoke has cleared),we don’t quite know what to do with it.

Should it be discreetly pasturised,along with its aging owner?More constructively,should our blog be beefed up instead? The latter,which has been gathering momentum of late,despite a notable lack of fresh input (also to change,once said dust has settled),would clearly emanate from Annapolis Royal rather than Toronto,and have as much to do with houses as books (q.v. accompanying snapshots). But we are curious to know if our indulgent readers would be even remotely interested in such a marked change of direction,which would effectively replace our present website.

Needless to say,British books would remain our traditional focus,at least by review,with our old passions for history,biography,food and gardening (and our perennial soft spot for children) front and centre.But with an unusual home and its steady restoration about to ice the cake,the overall mix would alter.

People exchange urban for country living all the time,and in that we are hardly unique. But they don’t usually build 18, 000-volume libraries from scratch,or upsize,rather than downsize,in retirement.

So over to you,dear reader. Any and all input most gratefully received ere we embark on this new adventure.


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