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September 13, 2013 – 09:43
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I think I might have just stumbled upon some hidden gems here in North Hollywood...yeah, that North Hollywood, home of the North Hollywood Boyz and gentrification at an alarming pace. Anyways, you know how when you drive by a certain spot in "your" neighborhood a million times, you tend to tune things out? That's definitely what happened here. On Lankershim between Burbank Blvd and Oxnard Street, which in all honesty is a very uninspiring part of Lankershim Blvd. I had driven by a few, well 6 actually, antique shops over and over again but never really paid much attention to what kind of stuff they had out on the street...

Until I was in the market for a dresser...

Last week, I drove down to "antique row" looking for a mid-century modern dresser. I knew what I was looking for as I had an idea of what I wanted in my mind's eye -- one of those situations of you'll know you've found what you're looking for once you see it. Anyways, I first went in to some place called Cruz Antiques and was pretty surprised at all the different furniture, lighting fixtures, art and salvage pieces they had. I walked across the street, went into the next place and pickings were even better. I soon realized that there were a total of six different antique shops...all within walking distance.

In no particular order, they are:

Santiago's Antique's #1
Santiago's Antique's #2
Frank's Antiques
Tzarax's Antiques
North Hollywood Antiques
Cruz's Antiques

They all specialize in Antique Furniture, Mid Century Modern, Architectural Salvage and Vintage Collectibles. After talking to Roberta, who was the proprietor of Santiago's # 1, I learned that all the shops were owned by brothers from the same family. All six shops were essentially a family operation.

One of the last shops I went into was North Hollywood Antiques. They had all sorts of furniture, art, fixtures, mirrors, etc. The place was a goldmine, but unlike some antique places in the city, where pieces are a little more organized, cleaned up and less cluttered, you kind of have to know what you're looking for, in addition to having some patience in looking around. There is soooo much stuff in this place, that it is easy to get overwhelmed. So, after looking around for about 15 minutes I bought a dresser in the back of the place. They wanted 150 bucks and I got them down to they do bargain. All in all a great experience and a great buy on a dresser that was more than 40 years old.

Oh yeah, I dealt with Enrique Cruz who was easy to work with and extremely helpful in helping me get the piece out to my buddies truck.


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