Globe Wernicke Barrister Lawyers Bookcases

September 13, 2013 – 14:10
Arts & Crafts Mission Oak 1900 Antique Bookcase from harpgallery

I am an expert on these bookcases. There are many things to know before buying one. I no longer sell the bookcases. I sell only the catalogs that goes into the detail of what to look for, and also all the different styles that were made at the turn of the century. It is listed on my seller site on Ebay. In brief, here are some critical things to look for, so ask the seller when buying a Barrister Bookcase. 1) Original labels: These are in the middle at the back of each individual glassfront bookcase section, and can be seen by looking in the bookcase. 2) Metal side bands, are they there and are they original. 3) Finish, is it original finish or has it been refinished. 4) Original wavy glass: Old bookcases like these had the older glass in it. You can see the ripples or waves by standing to the side of the glass pane and looking for them. 5) Get the history: Where did it come from, etc. The value of a Globe Wernicke bookcase or any other is determined by these factors given above. Auction price to a dealer is about $150.00 per glassfront section, so a 4 section tall bookcase with also a top and a base sells wholesale for $600.00 or so. High retail on the same bookcase after prepping by the dealer is $1200.00. High wholesale is in the middle at $800.00. Call me at 813-810-3086 anytime for quick answers but far better is to invest one of the catalog's I sell. It is truly a wise investment as there IS much to know when it comes to these, or any other antique, that you are going to spend your hard earned money on. "The best excercise you can do is to reach down and help someone up". John


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