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September 13, 2013 – 14:10
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So, the elephant in the room was "where is everybody taking their shits?"

I don't know about them, but I was walking down to Paperbacks Plus and getting my movement on. Hippie or not...

Fast forward to today... I had to kill some time, before meeting my attorney, but not enough to venture outside of the only true hood/community in big D, so I thought I'd stop at my former "shithole" and browse for a while.

I pull into the parking lot and park. As I approached the doors there was a, I'm just gonna say it "weirdo" doing weird things, but it appeared that his activities involved books and he had the same shoes and truck that I drive, so he can't be that weird, or...

I walk in thinking to myself " you are the biggest prick, knowing that you aren't going to by shit and this isn't Border's or Half Price... whatever."

So, I'm browsing and I find my favorite section, which is the first one I go to at Border's or Nobel's, the travel writing section.

There is a book that I have wanted to get for so long, but I couldn't remember the title or author. I went to Barney Noble and Boardhoes, talked to many a bookseller and got nowhere. I described the way the book looked, told them what I thought the author's name was, and since I hadn't read it, what I thought it was about. I walked around searching like a pedophile cruising around St. John's school for boys looking for my little piece of ... shit, now I'm getting sick, but you get it.

Ten minutes into Paperbacks Plus, I'm standing in front of the travel writing section, thinking "what if they have this book?" I know what it looks like.

I see a book entitled "The Ridiculous Race" which I had remembered seeing in the same section in that dream I had about when I was at Barnyard Nolbord's.

I'm starting to get aroused, thinking "if they have this book, they might have this book."

So, now I'm like a bibliophile at a bibliotech, glancing the shelves like the manager of Walgreen's before entering his store. I'm doing the once over.

Low and behold I see it. "Continental Drifter" by Elliott Hester. It was in beat up shape, but there it was. I'm thinking " alright, it's probably half price like Half Price. Shit, what do I do... Tacos y Mas or... ugh, my fuckin book?"

I got the best of both world's. The "ex-hippie" behind the counter said "well, considering the condition, I'll sell it for five bucks plus tax."

Hey, what the hell, it was still readable. I bought it and still had enough for one taco.

I got to my attorneys office thirty minutes early and read a quarter of it, before I headed straight for the Epilogue, which ends with " I'm a continental drifter. A lover of leaving. A nomad with an e-mail address."

Didn't pay my lawyer and now I gotta tell my girlfriend I'm gone...

Damn, I'm inspired.


Antiques From the Estate of the Late Barney Cory of Boston, Mass & Mrs E H Redman of Columbus, OH & Col R T Durrett of Louisville, KY - Sale # A20 - 1934
Book (Chicago Book & Art Auction Inc)

Newbies to COS/Food Lovers

2009-11-29 04:51:39 by MsLotus

Newbies/food lovers might enjoy this new list of our new Colorado Springs residents. Listing recipes, advice, and setting up maybe a small pot luck for the Super Bowl. I am cooking authentic file gumbo and am willing to teach it and show my antique cook books.
We want a few good foodies to eat our gumbo and bring something of their own. Limited to 12. This is a low key deal, friendship and food go together and we have interests to share. Hope you will contact me. I live in the Downtown area in a cute little house. There is nothing pretentious about me!. I cooked Thanksgiving dinner (from my Virginia roots) and fed the neighborhood (or at least 6 neighbors who said...

Oroville Calendar  — Mercury-Register
"Arsenic and Old Lace." The three-act play features two eccentric maiden sisters full of kindness, generosity and sympathy tenderly poisoning their lonely, elderly male lodgers.

Exhibits  — The Moscow Times
Open Storage of rare books, paintings, graphics, porcelain, bronzes, ceramics, genealogical materials and private collections. Pushkin and ..

Vintage Dubl Handi 18" Washboard Columbus OH
Single Detail Page Misc ()
  • 18 inches tall X 8.75 inches wide
  • Use either side according to fabric
  • Made of wood and metal
  • Some surface rust

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