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September 13, 2013 – 09:44
Old books for sale

Autographed copies of these titles can be supplied within the UK direct from the author.

Copies of Lantern Clocks & their Makers can be obtained in the USA and Canada from:
Merritt's Antiques Inc, PO Box 277, Douglassville, PA 19518-0277, tel: 610 689 9541.

Antique Collectors' Club titles and Robert Hale titles are available in America from Antique Collectors' Club, Wappinger's Falls, NY 12590, USA. Tel 845 297 0003.

Non-UK customers can be supplied with any Brian Loomes titles from
Shenton Books
Shentonbooks, La Rochelle, Venns Gate, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3BY, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)845 838 5523.


Lantern Clocks And Their Makers is a detailed survey in twenty eight chapters of the development of the lantern clock in Britain from its origins in the late sixteenth century, until its demise in the late eighteenth century and includes some unique and previously unrecorded examples from the very earliest period. Also discussed is the type of lantern clock which was used for posted movement longcase clocks as well as for hook-and-spike hanging wall clocks. Square and arched dial examples are examined as well as clocks made for export to the Middle East, usually known as Turkish Market clocks. One chapter deals particularly with those rare and unusual examples which were housed in standing wooden cases. Another chapter deals specifically with brassfounders' casting marks, and includes several newly discovered ones, which are documented here for the first time.

This extensive book of over 200, 000 words features approximately 400 clocks illustrated by over 1, 150 photographs (with a good number in colour). Most of them were taken specifically for this work and appear in print here for the first time, the majority with detailed dimensions. Both constructional and stylistic features are explained in a non-technical manner in the author's usual easy style in such a way that they can be readily identified and dated to their appropriate period. No prior knowledge is assumed, which makes the book as accessible to the beginner as to the experienced reader.

The biographical section contains all available details of every clockmaker (over one thousand of them) known to have included lantern clocks among his work. Much of this biographical information has been researched from original records specifically for this book, is published here for the first time, and is available nowhere else. This information on the makers will also be of great value to those interested in other types of work from this earliest period of British clockmaking, as many of them also made bracket clocks and longcase clocks as well as watches. The unique combination of these factors makes this book an essential reference work for collectors, dealers, museums, and libraries.


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