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  • Rod Laver Grand Slam Record :
  • ========================================
  • Austrailian Singles Champion 1960, 62, 69
  • Austrailian Doubles Champion 1959-61, 69
  • Wimbledon Singles Champion 1961, 62, 68, 69
  • Wimbledon Doubles Champion 1971
  • US Open Singles Champion 1962, 69
  • US Open Doubles Champion 1960, 70, 73
  • French Open Singles Champion 1962, 69
  • French Open Doubles Champion 1961
  • For more Laver info see tennis hall of fame site below :
  • Tennis Hall Of Fame info on Rod Laver
  • For detailed listing of Rod Lavers 1969 tournament wins see below link:
  • Rod Laver Racket Maxply Austral Pictures:

    Rod Laver Racket Chemold Autograph Pictures:

    Rod Laver

    Rod Laver was so scrawny and sickly as a child in the Australian bush that no one could guess he would become a left-handed whirlwind who would conquer the tennis world and be known as possibly the greatest player ever.

    A little more than a month before Don Budge completed the first Grand Slam, Rodney George "Rocket" Laver was born August 9, 1938, at Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. Despite lack of size and early infirmities, Laver grew strong and tough on his father's cattle property and emulated Budge by making the second male Grand Slam in 1962 as an amateur--then became the only double Grand Slammer seven years later by taking the major singles (Australian, French, Wimbledon, U.S.) as a pro.

    Few champions have been as devastating and dominant as Laver was as amateur and pro during the 1960s. An incessant attacker, he was nevertheless a complete player who glowed in backcourt ad at the net. Laver's 5-foot-81/2, 145 pound body seemed to dangle from a massive left arm that belonged to a gorilla, an arm with which he bludgeoned the ball and was able to impart ferocious topspin. Although others had used topspin, Laver may have inspired a wave of heavy-hitting topspin practitioners of the 1970s such as Bjorn Borg and Guillermo Vilas. The stroke became basic after Laver.

    As a teenager he was sarcastically nicknamed "Rocket" by Australian Davis Cup captain Harry Hopman, "He was anything but a Rocket Hopman recalled. "But Rod was willing to work harder than the rest, and it was soon apparent to me that he had more talent than any other of our fine Australian players."

    His initial international triumph came during his first trip abroad in 1956, when he won the U.S. Junior Championship at 17. Three years later he was ready to take his place among the world's best when he won the Australian singles and, Bob Mark, the doubles, and was runner-up to Alex Olmedo for the Wimbledon championship. The Australian victories were the first of Laver's 20 major titles in singles, doubles and mixed placing him fifth among all-time male winners behind Roy Emerson (28), Rod Laver (25), Frank Sedgman (22), Bill Tilden (21). Jean Borotra also won 20. His 11 singles (equaled by Bjorn Borg) were second to Emerson's 12.



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