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September 13, 2013 – 09:43
Bookstore People · Lonesome Water Books in Sisters, Oregon

Shake, Rattle and Read AKA The Book Box
4812 N. Broadway St.
Chicago, Il, 60640
(773) 334-5311

Located right next to the towering and endlessly promised, but regrettably as-yet-to-be-rehabilitated Uptown Theater, the ever informative and insightful Ric Addy has run a laid back and customer oriented operation for over 20 years now. Focusing on music and related subjects, it is also an interesting and well stocked general category used bookstore with strong selection of old magazines and, as one would expect, alot of LPs, CDs etc.

Tom Joyce & Company
400 N. Racine Av.
Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 738-1933

One of the City of Chicago's "Old Hands" in the antiquarian book business, Tom Joyce has a "by (easy to make) appointment" home based operation. Knowledgeable and free with his knowledge, a rarity in the monastic world of infamously curmudgeonly used bookmen, Tom will answer your questions and send you in the right direction if he, himself, cannot be of service to you. A noted Sherlock Holmes expert, he is also a founding member of The Chicago Rare Book Center located at 703 Washington St., Evanston, Illinois; (847) 328-2132

3444 N. Clark St.
Chicago, Il 60657
(773) 871-5318

Bob Roschke and Ronda Pilon have maintained a classic brick-and-mortar used bookstore in Chicago 20 years now continuing a career that originated in the competitive Seattle, Washington used book scene. Fairly priced stock in a spacious location near Wrigley Field, they have that rarest of rarities--customer parking spaces tucked-in behind the store! Bookworks also has a strong LP and CD selection and have yearly increased an internet presence trying hard, like all contemporary booksellers, to take advantage of every possible angle to keep afloat in this highly defined "Age of Watchers."

Bookman's Corner
(Rare, Medium, Well Done)

2959 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 929-8298

Last of the old timers, city institution John Chandler has been a refugee from John King's octopus tentacled-like stranglehold over Motown's used book scene for over 25 years now. Like no other bookstore in Chicago, what it lacks in categorical labels and neatly shelved books it more than compensates with rock-bottom pricing and an induplicatible metropolitan attitude ("I do my job gettin' 'em [books] in here, they can do theirs' findin' 'em and gettin' 'em out.") Hardest working man in Chicago's book business. A City treasure.


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