Village Bookshop - Northwest - Columbus, OH

September 13, 2013 – 14:09
Antique Shows Spotlight

I was impressed by the prices on their hardback books. Normally, hardbacks are at least $15, but I actually saw some that were under $10. There was a wide array of genres including art, architecture, mystery, biographies, animals and nature.

If you know a history buff, they would probably be quite content with this place. Numerous books were on history, military, the American West, Great Britain and exploration. On the walls were Civil War paintings by Mort Kunstler and Michael Gnatek.

At first I was struck with the sensation that it was a guy's bookstore, especially when I saw a sign that said Guns and Hunting. Then, as I explored further, I realized it was as much of a bookstore for everyone else.

For those who love literature books, they had greats like Tolstoy, Machiavelli and Bronte as well as not so famous names.

Upstairs were rooms of used books and more categories, such as journalism and travel. The travel books were novels rather than guides like Frommer's. Those were downstairs. The journalism books were also novels, rather than how to books or text books that one might have to use for a class.

My favorite thing had to be the shelves in the furthest back room downstairs with books for $1.49 or less.


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