Judith Miller Book Signing at Forestwood Antique Mall

September 13, 2013 – 09:43

Shari King Forestwood on Nov 9th, 2011 | From Judith Miller’s Blog

After an absolutely wonderful time in Toronto, I caught the plane to Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately the wonderful Steve Smith pot I’d been given by Conrad was too big for my hand luggage, so I had to sneak it on, and hold it tightly beneath my seat during the flight. Fortunately it survived this flight, the flight to Beaufort, and the journey home!Judith Miller 2012 Book

On October the 19th I was lucky enough to attend two extremely successful book signings at two great locations, Forestwood Antique Mall, and Snider Plaza Antiques Shops.

Forestwood Antiques Mall (5333 Forest Lane, TX 75244) really is a must visit destination if you’re in the Dallas area. As well as being a beautiful place, it’s stocked to the gills with wonderful antiques. As an extra special feature the floors in the aisles are covered with Oriental rugs. I stocked up on my vintage Chanel earrings again – Vintage Chanel is so difficult to find but Forestwood never disappoints. I bought a beautiful pair of Kenneth J. Lane earrings on my last visit.

Right is a picture of me with my friend Shari King who runs the centre.

Below (top to bottom): a photo of me with Shari and Brian Giglio, who is a dealer at the centre. A photo of my lovely new Chanel earrings on top of my ‘Costume Jewellery’ book. And me with many piles of ‘Antiques Price Guides’, talking to Mary Ann Holt, also a dealer in the centre.

Source: forestwoodmall.com

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