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September 13, 2013 – 13:42

Family Bible before conditioning the leather and replacing the missing pieces.

Antique/Rare Book Restoration


Can you restore a rare book that would be valuable if it were in better condition?


We do restoration work on books worth several thousand dollars,but any responsible restoration work takes caution.

Therefore,we are cautious not to:

*Do any work that would detract from the value of a book.

*Do anything that would alter the specific markings of a rare book to increase or decrease its value.

*Begin a job without first evaluating it. Send pictures,or you may want to send the book itself. We will give you an honest appraisal of whether or not we believe it would be worthwhile to restore or rebind your book,and an estimate of the cost.

That said,here are some specific restoration services we can offer you:

Conditioning old leather (that is not dry-rotted).

If the leather on your book is rubbing off in your lap or hands,there is little that can be done to restore it. There are chemical solutions that can be applied to harden things,but binding experts still disagree on the usefulness of these treatments and the long-term effects.

However,for restorable leather,we can condition,and often touch up the dye as well,to bring back the beauty of the original binding.

(Click here to visit our Family Bible Restoration page.)

Repairing torn pages.

Document tape is an easy and safe way to repair tears.Using acid-free document tape to repair page tearsThis very thin tissue tape is acid-free and virtually disappears when applied correctly. It has an acrylic adhesive,is permanent,and does not yellow with age.

When there is a piece of a page margin missing,we can mount a new piece to replace what is missing. We use old paper salvaged from other discarded books,or new hand-milled paper if necessary. Results of piece replacement can vary. Exact matches are a rarity.

Reattaching loose boards.

When the old hemp cords have broken,and the leather is weak from age,the boards will not stay intact.Rare cloth book before restoring it at Leonard'sWe can insert new hemp cords under the old and into the boards. We can also lay a flat cotton cord color matched to the leather,to partially hide the break. This process gives the new hinge good strength,while making the book once again shelf presentable.

Cleaning pages.

There are a few things we can do to remove coal dust and general soil from pages.

We do not wash pages. This is a process that is very expensive and only works on quality paper. It also requires removing pages from the sewing. Washing using bleach water to remove foxing and water stains is not recommended due to the long-term effects. We do not provide de-acidification at this time.

In some cases,we can clean,re-dye,and restarch old cloth.

In this process,there is usually a need to lay new color-matched cloth under the old. Again,results vary depending upon what type of soil or stains we are trying to remove,as well as the texture and color of the binding material.


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