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September 13, 2013 – 09:43

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dog tired If video killed the radio star, then what’s killing bookstores?

I’ll tell you: the page illiterate. Atlantans (potentially you and I) are murderers. *Insert Hitchcock music here.* We are the ones who prefer electronic texts to good old fashioned bound pages. We can’t be bothered with the bulk of a physical book. We like to store texts in the invisible Cloud where they can never be destroyed by fire or flood. The only books that we have in our homes are decorative antique-looking things that sit on bookshelves among scented candles and comic figurines.

Today’s readers judge what’s good based on little gold stars on Amazon. It used to mean something when a book was a hardcover instead of a paperback. Many of today’s readers don’t even know what that signifies…

I’m trying to make you feel bad. Is it working? Do you feel less human with that Kindle Fire in your hands?

*Cue sad orchestral music.* Brothers and sisters, the bookstore is dying. It isn’t just because people are switching to eReaders. It’s because people simply don’t read as much as we used to. We watch viral videos, check-in on FourSquare and update our Facebook status ten times a day. Who has time to read when we’re so busy?

It is time to reconnect with our roots. Support Atlanta entrepreneurs who still value the printed page, the bound spine, the unparalleled smell of fresh ink and glossy covers. Check out these locally-owned, independent bookstores in Atlanta. Tactile texts and ebooks can coexist in the same household, if we only try…

A Capella, Inman Park at 208 Haralson Ave.

Bound to be Read, East Atlanta Village, 481 Flat Shoals Ave.

Atlanta Vintage Books, 3660 Clairmont Rd way out in Chamblee.

Charis Books and More, 1189 Euclid Avenue in Little Five Points.

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