What to Do in Columbus, Ohio

June 14, 2013 – 02:18
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It seems as if there is always something going on in the city of Columbus. If you live around the Columbus area or if you are planning in soon visiting this city, you will want to take in the special events that are taking place throughout the city at various times of the year. Columbus has a four season climate and features both indoor and outdoor events.The Columbus Symphony Orchestra Cirque de la Symphonie

The circus comes to the Ohio theater once a year and performances feature everything from aerialists to magicians, all to the tune of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. The circus takes place during the first Saturday of May of every year and is an annual event that is delightful for anyone who is young or young at heart.

Columbus Salsa Festival

If you enjoy Salsa music, you will enjoy the Columbus Salsa Festival. This takes place at the Bar of Modern Art and occurs during the last weekend of May of every year. Whether you are new to Salsa or if you already know this type of dance, you will enjoy an evening of Salsa dancing and entertainment like you have never had before. Other Salsa events take place at the Bar of Modern Art each year as well that you can enjoy.

Revolutionary War and Civil War Reenactment

During the second weekend of July, you can experience Revolutionary and Civil War reenactments at Century Village. Groups portraying soldiers from the 1770s to the Civil War present camps, talk about life in these wars as well as reenact famous battles of both the Revolutionary and Civil war during this annual even that takes place at Century Park. There is also a carnival as well as food and craft vendors. This annual event mixes history with fun and is ideal for the entire family.

Kids Art Revue

Children from all over the United States come together to dance and sing for competition at this annual revue that takes place every year during the first weekend of August at the Veterans Memorial. Children compete for cash and scholarship prizes for both singing and dancing at this annual event that is perfect for the entire family.

Columbus Book Fair

During the last weekend in August, you can visit Century Village for the annual book fair. This is a fair that features vendors selling old books, rare books and antique books from all over Ohio and even other parts of the country. The fair is a two day long event that is ideal for those who enjoy looking for books. Self publishers also set up booths at this fair and people can get copies of out of print and rare books when attending the Columbus Book Fair.

Columbus Festival Of Lights Parade

During the first Sunday in December, the Festival of Lights parade celebrates holiday traditions with a parade right through the heart of downtown Columbus. In addition, the lighting of the city Christmas tree is performed by the mayor every year on the Friday prior to the parade to kick off the holiday season.

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