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September 13, 2013 – 14:10
Impressive Interiors, Warrenton, Va. - Blog About Ekster Antiques, Hamilton, Va.

Ekster Antiques-Hamilton, Virginia

Hello. I’m Sherry, owner of Impressive Interiors and this is the launch of my new blog! I’ve operated this business in Virginia Beach, Va., Bridgewater, NJ and now in Warrenton, Va. I’m the mother of three and my husband is a retired FBI agent, so I worked full and part time over the years as we were transferred from place to place. l plan to share design tips, what’s inspiring me, client projects, new finds or spotlights of others in the design industry.Impressive Interiors, Warrenton, Va. - Blog About Ekster Antiques, Hamilton, Va. I believe in decorating with what you love including family items that are sentimental to you and treasures that you have collected from your travels. I really hope that by reading my blog, readers will be inspired to create a beautiful and well-functioning home that makes them happy! Of course, it is my business to be your design coach and guide you if you are confused or not comfortable with pulling it all together by yourself.

Meet Caroline Verschoor and Jon-Paul Saunier, one of their dear daughters, Sofie, and their handsome dog. Caroline and Jon-Paul own and operate Ekster Antiques in Hamilton, Virginia.

I don’t know how in the world it took me so long to check out this business. I recently started a Facebook business page and opened a Pinterest business account.Impressive Interiors, Warrenton, Va. - Blog About Ekster Antiques, Hamilton, Va. I know – there was a time when just a website was adequate, but I realized that I needed to get with the times! Anyway, I was pinning photos of Swedish Mora clocks and it popped in my head that I had read years ago about a business in Virginia that sold Swedish antiques. I googled and realized they were in Hamilton, Virginia. It’s location was perfect because I live in Warrenton, Virginia and was planning to go to my hometown Frederick, Maryland over the week-end. It was meant to be because they were having a barn sale for three days and that only happens several times a year!Impressive Interiors, Warrenton, Va. - Blog About Ekster Antiques, Hamilton, Va. I planned to stop on my way home from Frederick, so it was ideal because Hamilton is a little country town between Leesburg and Purcellville, pretty much exactly in the middle between Frederick and Warrenton. Ekster is located just off of Route 9 (Charles Town Pike).

Ekster is not your typical storefront, but a historic 8, 000-square-foot former dairy barn. Between sales dates, Caroline and Jon-Paul are busy going on buying trips, finding more home decor items, and continually adding to the displays in their barns. Merchandise is sourced both locally and abroad with containers of merchandise being delivered from Europe. Caroline is a native of Holland.

I visited this past Saturday (it was a rather cold day with just a few snow flakes in the air as evidenced in the photo above). It was the second day of the sale and the barns were still overflowing with affordable European finds (even though quite a few had sold tags attached to them). I could imagine what it looked like at the opening on Friday morning before customers took their treasures with them. Caroline said “It was a madhouse.”

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