St. Croix Books

September 13, 2013 – 13:42
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St. Croix Antiquarian Booksellers, established in 1983, is one of the finest used, rare and out-of-print bookstores in the country. It has a worldwide reputation for the quality of its wide-ranging stock of books in Military History, Hunting and Fishing, Western Americana, Decorative Arts, Children's and Natural History. St. Croix Books is constantly looking to buy books from private parties in all fields.

Unlike many cluttered, poorly lit, and hard to find used bookstores, St. Croix Books is brightly lit and is located right on Stillwater's main street. With Nearly 5, 000 square feet of space and over 40, 000 books, St. Croix Books offers a relaxed and spacious shopping environment There are many table and chairs throughout the store for comfortable browsing. The owner, Gary Goodman travels extensively through the US, Canada, and Europe buy rare and sought-after books in all subject areas.


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