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September 13, 2013 – 09:44
Restoration and Repair - Thesis & Dissertation Book Binding

Restoration & Repair
Your loving childhood book to the rare Antiquarian antique volume, from the large Family Bible to a precious Biggles novel, from cloth to Leather, from a simple page repair through to a book with its spine hanging from the last thread to a book that has been left in despair little or non of the original. We will get it back to a state that you can lovingly read and enjoy the books for what they are.

These are undertaken, with a consultation from viewing the volume in need of care, advice of the style, type of repair options open to your particular volume, price and time scale are given. Repairing and Restoring old volumes is time consuming and long lead times will be realistically appreciated.

Hand Sewn Sections
Section sewing is a traditional form of binding pages together, giving a better longevity and has a dexterity that's on its own. This original style of binding paper together is a craft of its own. From the origins of Coptic and other cord sewing through to Tape sewing (illustrated). This enhances the books life, opens easier and is more appealing to read or view. Other styles include Japanese sewing.


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