What To Look For When Buying Rare Books

September 13, 2013 – 14:09
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DO YOU DREAM OF TREASURE HUNTING? Collecting old antiquarian books can be exciting, fun and very, very profitable! However, just because a book is old doesn't necessarily mean it is VALUABLE. Here are a few hints to help you the next time you think you may have unearthed some hidden treasure:

  • RARITY ALWAYS COMES BEFORE AGE! You can find a book that seems to be a real treasure because it has an old copyright date, but rarity actually dictates a book's value. For instance, a book may have a copyright in the early 1900's and you think you've really found something but if it was a large printing your book may be worth very little. Conversely, you may find a book that was printed in the 1950's or 60's. Not that old, but if it was a very limited printing your book could be worth a LOT of money!
  • CONDITION... CONDITION... CONDITION! Make sure you understand all the terms relating to condition. Fraying to covers, heel & crown of spine, gilt, soiling, bumping to corners, foxing (brown spotting) to pages and page edges, etc. tell you a lot about your book's journey. Do your homework. Make sure you understand the terminology then get a through description of your books condition from the seller. If it's rare but falling apart... IT ISN'T TREASURE!
  • ONLY FIRST IS FIRST! There are some excellent guides out there to help the novice collector. Use them. Points of Issue Guides; Identification of First Editions; Publisher's identifying marks for REAL First Edition/First Printing; all of these can save you from making some costly mistakes. These little pocket guides are very inexpensive but can save you $$$$$... use them!
  • UP, UP & AWAY! The best thing about finding a really great Antiquarian Collectible book is that it will continue to increase in value! Once you establish the Rarity, Condition and that it is truly a "First" the good news is... they aren't printing anymore of them!


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