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September 13, 2013 – 09:43
Antique Goethe Book - Italian Journey For Sale |

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Ancient Rare Bibles & Books

Our Bookvault has several million dollars’ worth of rare and antique Bibles and ancient theology books. You can select a category below to browse our bookshelves online, but we suggest that you first review our Antique Bible Buyer’s Guide.

If you are seriously considering the purchase of an ancient Bible, visit our Featured Selections page. It offers detailed descriptions and photos of specific Bibles currently for sale. Search by age, size, and version.

Our Gold Room
displays selected items
under $50, 000.

No museum in the world can begin to compare to our massive collection of rare and antique Bibles. Unlike museum collections, however, our treasures are all available for sale.

Many people are quite surprised to discover that these items could be for sale at any price. It is often assumed that, “Surely any First Edition 1611 King James Bible, or 14th Century Wycliffe Manuscript could not possibly be available for sale.” The serious collector or investor will be pleasantly surprised to find that not only are such extraordinarily rare items available; their prices reflect only a fraction of what their extreme rarity and obvious historical significance would seem to demand.

All items are available for your private examination in your home or office prior to purchase. Both the authenticity of the items and the confidentiality of the purchase is guaranteed. To discuss methods of payment, or our unique “lifetime buyback for store credit” guarantee, simply CONTACT US.

Please remember: the items on our website represent LESS THAN FIVE PERCENT of our currently available inventory… what you see here is just “the tip of the iceberg”! We have got (or can get) almost anything you can imagine, and we welcome your requests, so let us know if you don’t see what you want. We are THE SOURCE for ancient Bibles. To learn more about our company, just click on ABOUT US.


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