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Globe Wernicke furniture at auction now.

Globe-Wernicke usually refers to a specific style bookcase designed by the furniture company Globe-Wernicke, but it can also refer to any furniture made by the company. The Globe-Wernicke company patented the special Bookcase, a bookcase with a width of 34 inches and fall-front glass doors that cover the shelves. The bookcase was designed so that the shelves may be stacked in different ways, to adjust the depth and height of the bookcase. This bookcase also had an ingenious support mechanism for the doors that allowed the bookcase doors to lift upwards and slide into the ceiling of each shelf above the books or content of the case. Seven grades of the "elastic" bookshelf were manufactured.

#198 was a plain oak with a fine, medium dark antique gloss fininsh. Copper trimmings were standard.

#197 was plain oak with weather finish and copper trimmings. Similar to #198.

#298 Quarter sawed oak bookcase with standard antique finish. Again, copper trimmings.

#299 Quarter sawed oak bookcase with deep rich finish; brass trimmings.

#297 Quarter sawed weather oak finish with brass trimmings.

#398 Dark mahogany finish with brass trimmings.

#598 Rich finish, medium dark mahogany bookcase with brass trimmings.

Today this style bookcase is known as a modular bookcase. Antique Globe-Wernicke bookcases are very popular at auction. Depending on the quality, these antique bookcases typically exceed one thousand dollars.


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