Open Book with Victorian Border and Blank Page [image 500x317 pixels]

August 28, 2010 – 15:25
Tower from old books with open blank pages | Stock Photo © Oxana

Image title: Open Book with Victorian Border and Blank Page Source: Quin, Liam: “Pictures of old books” (2003) Keywords: clipart, pictures of books, books, colour Status: out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free stock image for all purposes usage credit requested
Please do not redistribute without permission, since running this site is expensive. A Victorian picture-book open to a page with a red floral border on old yellow paper; I have blanked out the text on the page so that you can put your own text in there. (Hint: GIMP users can use the Perspetive Tool, e.g. in "reverse corrective mode", to make a text layer look like it was printed on the page).

The 1860s book has a Web page where you can see some more of the borders: Tymms Illuminating...

Place shown: none Filename: img_8008-open-book-with-blanked-page-q90-500x317.jpg Blog image: Blog link: Photographer: Liam R. E. Quin Unmarked: You can get a version of this image without the watermark at the lower right corner by requesting it ; The images are watermarked to help people find where they came from if they get reposted to blogs or other sites. Images under 1200 pixels on a side are still free, although I will ask for a donation :-)


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