Antique Bookstore LondonSeptember 13, 2013 – 13:43

Antique Bookstore London

Most Fridays and every Saturday Chris has a huge range of soul, funk and rock on CD and vinyl, just north of the Westway. In north Portobello Road, towards Golborne Road, on Saturdays Patrick has a tent full of vinyl, largely 60s and 70s rock and punk, plus music memorabilia. Nearby are these music shops, which all open seven days a week: The legendary shop has been open at 130 Talbot Road for over 35 years, leading the way in independent music. at…

Antique Books Store Attleboro MASeptember 5, 2013 – 17:28

Antique Books Store Attleboro MA

A look at what is happening around Attleboro this weekend. Author AJ Paquette. Credit: Take a look at what s going on this weekend around Attleboro. For more events, or to add your own event, check out our calendar. Children & Young Adult Author Signing @ Ugly Dog Books When? Saturday, 11 a.m.Where? Ugly Dog Books, 75 Union St. Details? Come meet Children and Young Adult Author A. J. Paquette. She ll be doing a book signing. Her newest book is…

Antique Bookstore SydneySeptember 13, 2013 – 01:44 pm

Antique Bookstore Sydney

The Ten Best Bookstores in Sydney - News - Concrete Playground Sydney

Antique Bookstore ChicagoSeptember 13, 2013 – 09:43

Antique Bookstore Chicago

Shake, Rattle and Read AKA The Book Box 4812 N. Broadway St. Chicago, Il, 60640 (773) 334-5311 Email: Located right next to the towering and endlessly promised, but regrettably as-yet-to-be-rehabilitated Uptown Theater, the ever informative and insightful Ric Addy has run a laid back and customer oriented operation for over 20 years now. Focusing on music and related subjects, it is also an interesting and well stocked general…

Antique Bookstore Dublin IrelandSeptember 13, 2013 – 09:43

Antique Bookstore Dublin Ireland

Books are an integral part of my life since I learned to decipher the TV listing in search of Captain Future at the age of 4, and books, not TV listings, were my closest friends ever since. In fact, no matter which turn my life has taken, my books have always been a source of inspiration and stability and my first means of escape from this lowly earth. Since I moved to Dublin I was on a desperate search for decent used books stores (like I used…

Antique Bookstore Washington DCSeptember 13, 2013 – 09:43

Antique Bookstore Washington DC

1) Overpriced 2) Have a relatively limited selection 3) Not very well organized Here s why I m jaded - I lived in Eureka, Calif. for a year. Eureka has great used book stores that have enormous selections and ridiculously cheap prices. And, furthermore, Eureka is in the middle of nowhere - stuck behind the redwood curtain, 300 miles north of San Francisco and 5 hours (on a good day with no rock slides, major fog or rain storms and so, if you re familiar…

Antique Bookstore Los AngelesSeptember 13, 2013 – 09:43

Antique Bookstore Los Angeles

And then there s The Labyrinth. Head upstairs (the staircase is in the northeast corner, next to another entrance)(there s also a yarn/knitting store up there, which I didn t check out) for even more books than downstairs. Walk through shelves upon shelves of sci-fi and fantasy books, go into a little vestibule that used to be a bank safe (the open door is a safe door) and check out the books in there. And then, go through a tunnel constructed of…

Antique Bookstore MichiganSeptember 13, 2013 – 09:43 am

Antique Bookstore Michigan

BExploring . michigan ave . south western michigan » here

Antique Bookstore TorontoSeptember 13, 2013 – 09:43

Antique Bookstore Toronto

Best Bookstores in Toronto By: Jeff Cottrill February 21, 2013 Toronto is one helluva literary town. Ernest Hemingway lived here for a bit in the 1920s and in the decades since, the city has been closely associated with Margaret Atwood, Timothy Findley, Robertson Davies and other iconic scribes. From the annual Word On The Street Festival to high-profile readings at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto never hides its love of books. And nowhere is this more…