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September 13, 2013 – 09:44
Antique Bookcases UK - Antique Display Cabinets - Library Bookcase

Driscolls Antiques stock magnificent antique bookcases, bookshelves and library furniture for sale from a huge library bookcase to a small open fronted piece . Our main periods we supply are Georgian, Regency, Victorian and Edwardian that are constructed from fine timbers such as mahogany, oak, walnut or rosewood. We also stock elegant display cabinets with glazed fronts, all are beautiful pieces of period English furniture ideal for your study, living room or dining area.

Antique Display Cabinets

These are the ideal pieces of furniture for displaying your fine china or your beautiful silver collection. Most have glazed fronts and some come with glazing bars or astragal glazing to enhance the piece further. For a combination of writing furniture and book storage together then antique bureau bookcases are the piece for you. The bureau bookcase is ideal for the professional who needs the easy access to book storage whilst using the very handy writing section with stationary compartments.

Pier cabinets were designed to have a pier mirror above and to stand in the middle of two bay windows. This was to let light into the room and have a focal point of a beautiful small cabinet with your finest collectables on view so it is not only very pretty but also very useful.

Antique Bookshelves

Victorian Bookcases

A Victorian bookcase dates from 1837 to 1901 during Queen Victoria reign. This is one of the most popular periods as they come in all sizes and were built to suit most needs. They can come with rounded corners, cupboards below and can be seen very highly polished or carefully cleaned using wax, giving that mellow feel . We have a vast selection for you to choose from but we only supply the finest models.

We also have one of the largest selections of Edwardian bookcases in the UK, this is from king Edwards reign in England from 1901 to 1910 and when the earlier designs were reproduced still using quality timbers. You can see copies from much earlier periods like in the Chippendale style from the Georgian period.

If you want very fine but well constructed book storage, take a look at our antique mahogany bookcases as they are the most popular wood that we sell. Mahogany comes in various shades of red from a mellow to a deep rich colour, it also preserves well as it is a hard wood and so many pieces still have the original finish, still as good looking as the day they were built.

For a country residence why not look at our antique oak bookcase range from golden oak to dark oak as this is the most popular wood if you need that rustic feel. Oak versions can be more difficult to find early examples of but we always find these rare and beautiful pieces for your home and all are available on our antiques website for sale.

If you prefer a more medium colour then walnut might be the best choice but we do occasionally get burr walnut that are golden and rich, with a striking grain. This was an expensive wood to use so is usually only used on the best quality furniture.

An antique library bookcase is a very large piece of antique furniture that can store a vast collection of books. They are the perfect pieces for your larger rooms as they can fill an entire wall so it will make a bold statement and also be a very good storage item.


Overlook Hardcover Phantoms on the Bookshelves
Book (Overlook Hardcover)

Antique scrap books...Royal family

2011-12-09 17:24:08 by franafly

I just seen all the above posts ...Thanks and so that I can make this clear...they are not the royal family scrap books they were created by a lady who has since then passed away . She was on a mission somewhere in England and was a fan of the Royal family along with other famous people .Maybe they are not worth much ..but then again there are 4 scrap books full of allot of memories that might be valuable to someone .

Oroville Calendar  — Mercury-Register
"Arsenic and Old Lace." The three-act play features two eccentric maiden sisters full of kindness, generosity and sympathy tenderly poisoning their lonely, elderly male lodgers.

Exhibits  — The Moscow Times
Open Storage of rare books, paintings, graphics, porcelain, bronzes, ceramics, genealogical materials and private collections. Pushkin and ..

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