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September 13, 2013 – 14:10

corking machineAs suggested by Mary Elings of the Bancroft Library,this collection of children's stories was written by Sophie Feodorovna Rostopchine,Comtesse de Ségur.A French writer,she was born in Russia and exiled along with her family as a teenager.

The illustrations by Virginia Frances Sterret really steal the show,though,and make the book a true piece of art.To the left,you can see the image of curious Rosalie and the jeweled tree from the story "The Little Gray Mouse".

Helen Henry and Gail Yokote,UC Davis

Rixford,Emmet Hawkins
The Wine Press and the cellar; a manual for the wine-maker and the cellar-man.
San Francisco: Payot,Upham & Co.; 1883.

This book was chosen to represent the University of California,Davis’ as the premier collection of Viticulture and Enology,the largest,most well known resource for the study of wine-related research in the country.

The author Emmet Hawkins Rixford came to San Francisco in 1869 to practice law; his avocation soon became wine-making. He drew on American and European sources to write The Wine Press and the Cellar. Rixford purchased forty acres of land in Woodside on the San Francisco Peninsula to experiment with plantings of cabernet,sauvignon,merlot,verdot and malbeck. In 1915,he was lauded in the American Wine Press,which noted “It is the work of just such men as Mr. Rixford that has done much to raise the standard of California vintages… Leon Adams,dean of American wine writers,states in The Wines of America that Rixford grew some of the most prized of all California Cabernets.” Rixford’s book was the first and only publication in English at the time containing a clear description of the practical cellar work that guided the transformation of grapes to wine. (From forward by Paul Draper in the 2008 special edition of Rixford’s book).

The Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science working with Special Collections and the wine bibliographer in the Biology/Agriculture Department of the General Library reproduced a special new 125th-Anniversary edition of Rixford’s book. Rather than drawing only on the 1883 edition,the new edition drew on illustrations that came from books in Rixford’s personal library that had been donated to UC Davis from Rixford’s son. This allowed the unusual opportunity for the special edition to be reproduced from the original illustrations in the books that Rixford himself had drawn upon!

The new edition published in 2008 not only recognized the 125th-anniversary of E.H. Rixford’s book,but more importantly the centennial celebration of the University of California,Davis founded in 1908,and the opening celebration for the Robert Mondavi Institute.

Gerald Lowell,UC Irvine

Van Dyke,Theodore
Millionaires of a day: an inside history of the great southern California "boom."
New York: Fords,Howard & Hulbert,1890.

A fascinating saga of early Southern California history that will interest citizens of California,scholars,and students alike.

Gary Strong,UCLA


K-Teen Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy)
Book (K-Teen)

Libraries with antique manuscripts/Books

2008-01-15 11:22:07 by TeaTender

I would like to wander around a library and be able to just take some antique books that interest me right off the shelves and read them. Is there any libraries in the Boston/suburb area where this is possible?
I am working on a piece about stars and planets and why we as humans are somewhat obsessed about them. I am hoping to find some old information and work done on this topic.
I would also like, however to just be able to wander through a library where I can just look at the books and take out what looks appealing.
I haven't been to BPL in a few years ( I live a bit out from it), but as I recall, you had to know what you wanted to look at and then they would pull it for you?...

A Dorm of My Own  — The Dartmouth
As I enter the dorm room of Sydney Thomashow '11 (Lord 104) she offers me my pick of the Hello Kitty tattoos and a wet washcloth, scattered around German Expressionism art history books and wine glasses on her table.

Advice for mature downsizers  — BigPond News
Surely a few kilos of paper plus some old shoes, handbags and now retro fashion items couldn't be taking up too much room. I suppose it would have .. big kitchen in her old home.

Riverhead Trade The Man Who Loved Books Too Much: The True Story of a Thief, a Detective, and a World of Literary Obsession
Book (Riverhead Trade)

Virgin soldier finds love in Rachel Ward's World War I telemovie  — The Australian
Weather: Sydney 12 °C - 17 °C . Late shower or two. ..

Pyr The Greyfriar (Vampire Empire, Book 1)
Book (Pyr)
Dial Amazing Grace (Reading Rainbow Books)
Book (Dial)
  • Classics
One of a Kind Handmade Manuscript - History of Herodotus, The Seventh Book entitled Polymnia
Kitchen ()
  • This one-of-a-kind manuscript contains the fragment of one of the few remaining references to the world famous BATTLE OF THERMOPYLAE from The History of Herodotus...
  • The decorative motifs are from an attic red-figure kylix by the Triptolemos Painter, Greek and Persian in combat. 480 BC, Edinburgh, The Royal Scottish Museum...
  • Manuscript Size: Length 70cm, Height 50cm. This manuscript bears the original signature of the artist, date and place created, as well as a small gold coloured Capricorn...
  • Additional Information: Perlschrift was first used in the 9th century AD and became widely popular between 11th and 15th century AD. During this time the main characteristics...
  • A lot of time, care and effort were involved to create this exceptional artwork masterpiece so there is a limited production capacity. This is why each manuscript...

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