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September 13, 2013 – 14:10
European Antique Jewish Books

We provide free valuations verbally or by e-mail. Items for sale can be delivered to our Dublin Auction Rooms at 116 Capel Street from 10am – 6pm, Monday to Saturday or collection can be arranged nationwide on your behalf by our in house transport team. Our Oldcastle Auction Rooms in Co. Meath are open by appointment. We are happy to travel to value items in-situ that are being considered for sale by auction. We hold two Antique & Fine Art auctions per month and advertise extensively both nationally and internationally.

If required for insurance purposes bound valuation documents that give full descriptions and photographic images of each item can be supplied – from an entire house contents to specific items or collections. Our expert consultants are available to advise on more specialised collections, whatever they may be.

We regularly offer for sale antique furniture, fine jewellery, silver, gold coins, Irish and European Art including Old Master paintings, sculpture, mirrors, rare clocks & watches, antique books, rugs, porcelain items – Oriental and European, etc. Our large database of previous buyers and extensive advertising campaigns along with a highly tailored service to meet the requirements of our clients ensure that we achieve excellent results.

For all valuation enquiries please contact us at (086) 841 4421 or email

Sale Valuations by e-mail

Sale valuations by Email – E-mail an image to us with approx dimensions and we can advise on sale value.

Probate Valuations

“A complete property contents valuation service for executors”. We are one of very few firms in Ireland who provide such a comprehensive valuation and sales service for executors in relation to entire house contents including detailed discussions on valuations, security, family division and sale by auction. It is important for executors to be able to show that they have used due diligence. We also offer a secure storage facility for safekeeping for removable valuables. The basis of valuations is an assessment of market value and as auctioneers who are constantly in the market place thus ideally equipped to prepare such valuations.

Insurance Valuations

We prepare detailed insurance schedules to enable clients to ensure that they are maintaining adequate insurance cover for their antiques, fine art and collections. These schedules can be backed up with digital images. We provide complete and specialist advice including Antique Furniture, Oil paintings and Watercolours, Silver, Jewellery, Oriental Works of Art, Ceramics, Books, Wine and collectables.


Avon The Viscount's Wicked Ways
Book (Avon)

Re: Pricing around Antique books...some advice

2010-05-27 18:41:09 by ABECare

I have noticed that in the Toronto area people try to flog what they consider antique books for outrageous prices. Check ABE Books online, as they deal with rare books and the like. for example, one school book published in 1948 was offered at $50. I checked and you can get the same thing on ABE Books for $7 plus $5.99 shipping! Some are offered under the price too. Hope this is useful.

A Dorm of My Own  — The Dartmouth
As I enter the dorm room of Sydney Thomashow '11 (Lord 104) she offers me my pick of the Hello Kitty tattoos and a wet washcloth, scattered around German Expressionism art history books and wine glasses on her table.

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Whitman Coin Pub A Guide Book of United States Coins 2000: Fully Illustrated Catalog and Retail Valuation List--1616 to Date (The Official Red Book of United States Coins, 2000)
Book (Whitman Coin Pub)

Virgin soldier finds love in Rachel Ward's World War I telemovie  — The Australian
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Weatherhill Japanese Antique Furniture: Guide To Evaluating And Restoring
Book (Weatherhill)
Whitman Coin Pub A Guide Book of United States Coins 1998: Fully Illustrated Catalog and Retail Valuation List-1616 to Date (Paper)(51st ed)
Book (Whitman Coin Pub)
CheckerBee Publishing Harry Potter Collector's Value Guide (Collector's Value Guides)
Book (CheckerBee Publishing)

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