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September 13, 2013 – 14:10

Big_Squid_First_catalogI was always an avid reader: fiction,science fiction,natural history,dinosaurs,and on and on. I grew up in a dirty and dull steel mill town in southern Illinois,and was an introverted nerd with my nose usually stuck in a book. On Saturdays my mom would sometimes drop me off at the public library,where I’d spend hours reading,browsing,and wandering through the stacks. I do have the collector gene,but its early manifestations focused on stamps,coins,seashells,and even rocks. At that time I did not accumulate books,other than a long shelf of the Hardy Boys mysteries. However,a high school graduation present was prescient: a framed print of “The Bookworm” (painted in 1850 by Carl Spitzweg),that now hangs on the wall at Squid Ink Books.

I went off to college,eventually receiving a degree in meteorology,and started working for the U.S. Weather Bureau. Then,after only a few months,an Army draft notice came in the mail,motivating me to enlist in the Air Force. This was in the mid-1960s when the Vietnam War was heating up.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a military weather forecaster,I spent all of my eight years of service here on the mainland. Two tours of duty at the weather center near Omaha,Nebraska,were separated by 18 months when the Air Force sent me to Colorado State University for graduate studies. Eventually I earned both an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science and worked at NOAA Research Laboratories in Boulder,Colorado,and Norman,Oklahoma. I spent most of my Federal career as a severe storm researcher,but there was a decade lost to mind-numbing administration.

Beginnings of Squid Ink

Squid Ink had its beginnings in Norman,Oklahoma,in the summer of 1994. It was a hobby business that my wife and I started in rented space at an antique mall. We hoped to sell off some of the many antiques we’d accumulated over the years,along with some primitive oil paintings and several hundred “old books” that I’d picked up while antique hunting. I knew far more about antique furniture at that time than I did about books.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur first sales tax permit was for,“SQUID INK – Antiques – Art – Collectible Books”. My wife had been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer,and our shared business venture served,at times,as a welcome distraction from the grim medical situation.

You might be wondering,as have many of our customers,where the Squid Ink business name came from — especially since neither Oklahoma nor Arizona are very close to an ocean. It’s pretty simple: during the 1990s our oldest son was doing intricate drawings of various marine creatures,and we were inspired by his vivid drawing of a squid. It was a good choice,since it catches people’s interest and they tend to remember it.

During 1995,as my wife’s medical situation worsened,we lived part-time in Arlington,Texas,in order to be near a well-known cancer clinic. I remember quite specifically that it was April 4th,1995,a Tuesday,when I heard author and bookseller John Dunning being interviewed on “Good Morning America.” He was promoting his second Cliff Janeway mystery,The Bookman’s Wake,and I listened to him with fascination,my interest especially aroused by his mention of many titles that I had bought and read over the years. Of course,I had always purchased cheap,BOMC copies and recycled them to other readers,but Dunning was saying that the first editions of these books had real collector’s value. Naturally,I went right out and bought both of the Janeway books and read them through. When there were breaks in my wife’s medical treatments,I started browsing and studying the books in used bookstores around the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform The Adventures of Les Petites in Tucson
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Re: Pricing around Antique books...some advice

2010-05-27 18:41:09 by ABECare

I have noticed that in the Toronto area people try to flog what they consider antique books for outrageous prices. Check ABE Books online, as they deal with rare books and the like. for example, one school book published in 1948 was offered at $50. I checked and you can get the same thing on ABE Books for $7 plus $5.99 shipping! Some are offered under the price too. Hope this is useful.

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