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September 13, 2013 – 14:10
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Books & Memories is one of my favorite used bookstores. I started going here in high school and try to make it when I come back to visit the family. What I like about this place is the variety, and that I can keep finding things to read as my interests change over time. When I first started coming here I'd immediately head back to the science fiction & fantasy section. Later I got interested in fiction and physics. Now I've been into non-fiction and history. The whole time I've had plenty to choose from. I haven't even explored the old magazine and boardgame rooms lately. Oh, the prices are what used book prices should be. Paperbacks are mostly under $5.

As it usually goes with used book stores, I won't always find a specific title. I try to head there with a vague idea of what I want and try to see if anything catches my eye. It's more exciting that way.


old-print Ship Sydney Gammell O'Keefe Liverpool Antique Print 1913 Book Illustration
Home (old-print)
  • Special indroductory offer
  • Original old antique victorian print, not a modern reproduction
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Size and details in description below, Email for any missing image or description
  • Shipped WORLDWIDE next day, AIRMAIL from head office in Scotland allow 15/21 days for delivery

If I were in your shoes, I would sell most of it

2007-01-19 18:59:22 by ChurchGardenLady

Quick sell most of it for cheap, just to get your truck registrations done, and a roof over your head for a few weeks, until you can get your landscaping business going. I am a landscaper too. we can work year round, you know. :)
Here is what I would ask for:
my rolltop desk - $100
antique couch - $75
clothes -keep
books -- take to used book store.
you can make up to $100 this way quickly. It is amazing how they add up.
bookcases - keep
computer - keep for business
electronics - sell cheap for cash
photos - keep
tax papers - keep
filing cabinets - pare down to one or two
art stuff - sell?
shop worktable - sell
bandsaw(I hauled out from Jersey)
mitre saw
power tools

A Dorm of My Own  — The Dartmouth
As I enter the dorm room of Sydney Thomashow '11 (Lord 104) she offers me my pick of the Hello Kitty tattoos and a wet washcloth, scattered around German Expressionism art history books and wine glasses on her table.

Advice for mature downsizers  — BigPond News
Surely a few kilos of paper plus some old shoes, handbags and now retro fashion items couldn't be taking up too much room. I suppose it would have .. big kitchen in her old home.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Mammals of Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
Book (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)

Virgin soldier finds love in Rachel Ward's World War I telemovie  — The Australian
Weather: Sydney 12 °C - 17 °C . Late shower or two. ..

A&E Home Video Avengers '67: Set 2, Vol. 4
DVD (A&E Home Video)
Antique Blue & White Spode
Book (B. T. Batsford)
Pitkin Pictorials Ltd The Cutty Sark (Pitkin Pride of Britain Books)
Book (Pitkin Pictorials Ltd)

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