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September 13, 2013 – 14:10

This antique book is titled "Les Miserables, a novel by Victor Hugo and published by A. L. Burt of New York. This book is a complete volume which includes both Volumes I and II. This edition was translated from the original French by Charles E. Wilbour, which was revised and edited by Frederick Mynon Cooper. It is a hardback book and is in very good condition, with no damage to the cover or the spine. It includes 749 pages, and all pages are present, with no damage to the pages. My research on this book has yielded only one other copy, and the publication date of that copy is stated to be 1862; however, that date is incorrect. The Preface page of this book does give a quote by Hauteville House, which is followed with the date of 1862; however, that is the date of the quote - not the date of the publication. I find no actual publication date in this book; however, I can be fairly certain that it was published between 1890 and 1902. I base this upon the fact that a prior owner (probably the original owner) wrote his name on the inside of the book and added the date of February 18, 1902. My research on the publisher, A. L. Burt, reflects that Burt began his publishing company in 1890, and the company was fully incorporated by 1902. I can, therefore, safely estimate the publication date of this book to have been between 1890 and 1902. As stated, this book is in very good condition. It comes in a burgandy red cover. The spine is intact, with no noted damage. I would recommend the book be professionally cleaned. The book is illustrated with several illustrations included. This rare antique Les Miserables book would make a great addition to the collector's library. It measures 7-1/2" tall and 5-1/2" wide. Should you desire to have more information about it, please let me know. See My Vintage and Antique Books at
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Modern Library Les Miserables (Modern Library Classics)
Book (Modern Library)

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Carefully Crafted Classics® Les Misérables (Hapgood Translation) (Illustrated) (Unabridged) (Carefully Crafted Classics®)
eBooks (Carefully Crafted Classics®)
Les Miserables (Complete) (English) (Illustrated)
eBooks ()
William L Allison Company 19th Century Version "Les Miserables", By Victor Hugo And Lascelles Wraxall (Complete In One Volume, Translated From French, one)
Book (William L Allison Company)
  • All in one volume, with chapters ommited in previous editions added
  • Signed by the original owner at definite date of 1
  • in very fair good condition
  • cloth jacket embossed with gold letters and pressed with beautiful floral
  • patterns

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