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February 25, 2013 – 01:11
Antique Essex Crystal Horse and Rider Brooch at 1stdibs

Topsfield-based photographer Eric Roth specializes in interior and architectural work. But his passion for history means he’s equally fascinated by what fills those four walls. “I’m fascinated by old books, works of art, or household goods that give insight as to how people used to live, ” says Roth, who was inspired to capture the curios found in Essex antique shops like the White Elephant, shown here. Like many Essex antique shops, it’s a mélange of funky finds, including plenty of nautical-inspired items, like the fisherman doll pictured here, that nod to Essex’s own history as a vital New England seaport. (The shellfish industry is still a major part of the local economy.)

According to Roth, antique stores offer a unique window to the past. “In a way, it’s more fun than going to a museum, ” he says. “You can pick up things, touch them. It’s not necessarily the finest example china, but it’s the china that would have been on your grandmother’s table. It’s the everyman’s museum.”

Be sure to make Andrew Spindler Antiques one of your first stops. Andrew Spindler-Roesle opened his gorgeously appointed shop nearly 15 years ago and prides himself on offering a high-low mix unified by impeccable taste. That approach manifests in his extensive selection of white ironstone pieces, like the 19th-century English bowl seen at right. Spindler-Roesle is drawn to the material because of its aesthetic malleability. “I love the variety of forms it can take, ” he explains. “It can look modern, it can look country—it just depends on the context. It alludes to a special formality, but the material is simple and has warmth to it. I love that open-endedness, and I’ve always had a core of it in my shop.”

Spindler-Roesle boasts an impressive background; he studied at Brown and Yale, trained at Sotheby’s Institute in London, and worked for an esteemed New York dealer before opening his own business. But he hopes that his humor, wit, and varied interests—as well as his education and experience—shine through in his shop’s collection. “It’s very eclectic. People come in and never know what they’re going to see, ” he explains. “I’ve never limited myself to a country of origin or time period. The collection is a conversation among different periods and materials.” If walls could talk, we’d love to hear what this intriguing assemblage has to say. Top: Atop a piece of 17th-century Indian marble are hand-blown Venetian yellow vases and an English cobalt glass master salt cellar, circa 1940, with a “make do” brass base. (Antiques with extravagant repairs have their own special value to collectors.) Above: This array includes a collection of photographs from turn-of-the-century Cape Ann photographer Herman Winslow Spooner, and an Italian bronze sculpture of Athena that now adorns the Boston Athenaeum. Right: If you thought spin class was uncomfortable, imagine riding this cast iron stationary exercise bicycle, made by New York’s Everlast in the early 20th century.

Some antique shops feel like overcrowded emporiums, and others like stuffy showrooms of the look-don’t-touch variety. Spindler-Roesle says his goal is to create an environment that is spacious and approachable, with a discriminating, well-edited collection. And maintaining it is a constant creative process: “I don’t sell things by the square foot. I find things that are unusual and beautiful and I arrange them in combination.” Given that he has the sensibility of a master curator, it should be no surprise that Spindler-Roesle is also involved with local museums and historic committees. He is an overseer at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, a member of the collections committee at the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester, and on the council and collections committee at Historic New England. Now, feast your eyes on the exhibition-worthy display at right. The three figure studies are by American maritime artist William Edward Norton. Below it is a French overdoor painting, circa 1880-1890, alongside a rare collection of English celestial globes, circa 1825. Spindler-Roesle plans to have them mounted as unique table lamps, giving the intricate star constellations a new reason to shine bright.


General Pub Group Bettie Page: The Life of a Pin-Up Legend
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Antique scrap books...Royal family

2011-12-09 17:24:08 by franafly

I just seen all the above posts ...Thanks and so that I can make this clear...they are not the royal family scrap books they were created by a lady who has since then passed away . She was on a mission somewhere in England and was a fan of the Royal family along with other famous people .Maybe they are not worth much ..but then again there are 4 scrap books full of allot of memories that might be valuable to someone .

Oroville Calendar  — Mercury-Register
"Arsenic and Old Lace." The three-act play features two eccentric maiden sisters full of kindness, generosity and sympathy tenderly poisoning their lonely, elderly male lodgers.

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Open Storage of rare books, paintings, graphics, porcelain, bronzes, ceramics, genealogical materials and private collections. Pushkin and ..

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  • Condition: Good; suitable for framing. Please check the scan for any blemishes prior to making your purchase.
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  • Type & Age: Year printed 1901. Antique book illustration
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