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September 13, 2013 – 14:10
Get ready for tornado time! | The Hook - Charlottesville s weekly

The store itself is a wonder: it's my favorite small to mid-sized bookstore in the U.S., next to the now defunct Wahrenbrock's Book House in San Diego, California. That store was really a marvel, but it expired after suffering badly from many of the same market forces that are attacking scores of small booksellers. However, thankfully, Daedalus is still going strong. Many different sorts of publications enter Daedalus, and they are priced very fairly and put out on the shelves. As I know the owner and have been coming for years, I often get a first look at the incoming books and have found some very interesting items over time. The "catacombs" in the basement are both gloriously creepy but also a real atmospheric treasure hunt for those who love fiction, classics and the paranormal (all of which are down there). I carried off several Arthur Machen (celebrated early 20th century Welsh horror writer) books, first or 2nd printings, from there one gloomy day, which was both quite a find and also very fitting. But, lest you think it's all gothic, dark material in the shop, that's hardly the case but just how my tastes run on occasion. There's plenty of, well, everything: science fiction, history, law, westerns, mysteries (an entire room in the attic), Civil War books, social sciences, etc.

So, really, why are you sitting here reading this, when you could be there?

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My SO has a friend like that

2004-06-28 11:44:10 by curiouschick

Except he lives here in the bay area. he has a kid in the house too. he is a cool guy, and very careful and respectful of the guns, and has a lot of really neat antique guns. i just don't understand how anyone could WANT a gun, never mind more than one, so it's not an area i really am comfortable discussing with him.
i just try to accept that it's like my SO's collection of video games, or my collection of books (i am sort of compulsive about buying books!) and pretty harmless, because this is a guy who is smart and careful and doesn't abuse the right to have guns. i mean, he really uses most of them on the firing range, as i understand it

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