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September 13, 2013 – 14:10
COTE DE TEXAS: Ask Miss Cote de Texas

I love it.

This is the bookstore about which bibliophiles dream. We don't want sterile aisles full of mass-production, shiny-covered copies of the latest Stephanie Meyer novel (I don't hate you, Twihard fans. I just....no, no, I'm mistaken, it's definitely hate). We don't need a giant Starbucks in the middle of the bookstore. I'm not naming names, but we really don't love you, Narnes and Boble. We find solace in places like 1/4 price books stores and we accept it, terrible name and all.

Because this place understands that the most important thing about book stores should be the collection of books. This is a place for lookers and finders. Navigating through the cramped spaces of book towers and over-stuffed shelves is part of the adventure. Rare copies of Dante's Inferno, the works of Virgil, the Decameron, Gone With the Wind, and everything in-between can be found among the hundreds of dusty, used books here. Every book is a truly unique find.

And this place has character. So does the owner, who comes off so terribly grumpy at first impression (I'm sure he tells those damn kids to get off his lawn all the time). In fact, he was quite impatient and mean to me the first time I met him. But he is a truly knowledgeable bibliophile and he warms up when he finds out you have a genuine interest in books. And he writes your receipts by hand. On a scrap of paper. With a crayola marker. Seriously.

My only minor complaint is that because of space limitations, there's nowhere to really sit and browse through your finds. And also a shelf nearly tipped over and I almost died, but, you know, minor issues.

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