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September 13, 2013 – 09:44
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Even though modern books are in favour, classical items still appeal to buyers. A copy of a Christmas Carol printed in 1843 sold at Christie's New York for $240, 000 in December 2009. It was part of the William E. Self library of English and American literature and formerly owned by Alain de Suzannet, whom magnificent Dickens collection was sold in 1971. This very rare copy was one of a group of eight copies that Dickens is known to have signed on December, 17, 1843. Whether your books are worth $50 or $10, 000, there always seems to be a good selling market for them.

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By getting a rare book appraisal from Value My Stuff Now, you will receive an independent opinion before buying or selling an item at auction, to a dealer or privately. The online rare book appraisal may also be used for insurance purposes (subject to your insurance company accepting such certificates) or to simply satisfy your curiosity! It’s easy to get an online rare book appraisal from Value My Stuff Now. Simply upload a photograph of the binding and title page, give us any additional details about the book and send it to us. In less than 48 hours, our collectable book specialist will consider the item's age, condition, printing technique and author.

We will then send you any observations about the item, along with a rare book appraisal and a printable certificate. We will also provide a unique web certificate that can be used in an eBay listing or on other internet selling platforms.

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